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The team at Moving Light Productions have received many awards for their lighting and production design over the last 15 years along - receiving reviews throughout Australia in all forms of press media including Stage Whispers, Man In Chair, Arts Hub, Theatre People, Herald Sun, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald to name a few. Awards and nominations have included the Victorian Music Theatre Guild, Lyrebird Awards, Green Room Association and Tasmanian Theatre Awards.
Avenue Q, The Broadway Musical
1. Preset (Act 1)
2. The Internet Is For Porn
3. Kate Monster Song
4. Dream Sequence
“Jason Bovaird’s marvellous lighting design is filled with colour and movement, snap precision timing and great storytelling.”
Stage Whispers

“Lighting design by Jason Bovaird brings an ever-changing rainbow of colour to the single set show, creating plenty of visual appeal.””
Simon Parris, Man In Chair
Spring Awakening, A New Musical
1. Totally F*cked
2. The Bitch Of Living
3. The Mirror – Blue Night
4. And Then There Were None
“The lighting design also worked exceptionally well to evoke the necessary power and emotion of the piece”
Theatre People

Nominated for The 2016 Lyrebird Awards Under $30,000 for “Best Lighting Design Jason Bovaird”
Lyrebird Awards
Frankenstein, A New Musical
1. Opening Number
2. The Meeting Of Frankenstein
3. The Wedding
4. Another Death
Awarded - The Victorian Music Theatre Guild for “Best Lighting Design Jason Bovaird and Deryk Hartwick”
Victorian Music Theatre Guild Awards

Awarded - The Theatre Peoples Choice Awards for “Best Lighting Design Jason Bovaird and Deryk Hartwick”
Theatre People Choice Awards
Thrill Me, The Leopold & Joel Story
1. Preset (Act 1)
2. The Discussion
3. In My Car
4. The Argument
“The stagecraft elements were all adequate, detail-oriented, and at times quite innovative, thanks to lighting designer Jason Bovaird and set designer Daniel Harvey. The lighting signifying the Roadstar was particularly notable during one of the most striking and disturbing scenes.”
Theatre People

“On Daniel Harvey's set comprising mostly of wooden crates, with Jason Bovaird's expert lighting, Thrill Me is played out with a force that is pleasantly unexpected.” ”
Australian Stage
Antarctica, A New Musical
1. Under The Southern Sky
2. Birdie Ready For The Trip
3. Wide Open Land
4. Death Upon Them
“Lighting designer Jason Bovaird’s walls of dappled lights suggested endless horizons and solitude and allowed seemless entries.”
Elizabeth Ruthven, The Mercury, Tasmania
Phantom Of The Opera
1. Graveyard Scene (Act 2)
2. Masquerade (Act 2)
3. Don Juan (Act 1)
4. Opening Ballet (Act 1)
“The team from lighting (Jason Bovaird, Moving Light productions), costumes, set and sound design (LSS Marcello La Rocco) deserves high praise for creating a visual feast and establishing a clear mood for each scene.”
The Examiner, Tasmania
JUNE 2013

Awarded - The Tasmanian Theatre Award for “Best Lighting Design (Technical) Jason Bovaird”
Tasmanian Theatre Awards (Community Musical Theatre)
MARCH 2014
Hairspray, The broadway Musical
1. Without Love
2. I Can Hear The Bells (Act 1)
3. Jail Scene (Act 2)
4. Finale (Act 2)
Awarded - The Lyrebird Junior Award For “Best Lighting Design, Jason Bovaird (Hairspray)”
Lyrebird Junior Awards