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From musical theatre productions through to arena spectaculars - Moving Light Productions have lighting designed or staged some of the best productions in Melbourne and Australia over the last 18 years. They have included the 2008 Victorian State Schools Spectacular (Hisense Arena), Avenue Q (Melbourne / Perth), The Phantom Of the Opera (Launceston), Saturday Night Fever (West End Revival), Thrill Me, The Colour Purple (Australasian Premiere 2016), Mary Poppins, In The Heights (Australasian Premiere), Reefer Madness, Frankenstein (Australian Premiere), The 39 Steps and Dream Girls (Australasian Premiere).
Reefer Madeness, The Musical
1. Reefer Madness
2. Opening Number (Act 1)
3. Listen To Jesus Jimmy
4. Finale (Act 2)
The lighting brief for Reefer Madness was basically to look and feel like the script of the play, Manic, crazy, bright and colourful, psychedelic. The equipment list consisted of a range of 10 x Bumble Bee 330 watt spots, 12 x 2000 wash lights with a beam angle of 3 to 60 degrees. All of this was controlled by an ETC GIO lighting desk. The show was consistently manic from the first lighting cue through to the last providing the feel that everybody was constantly on drugs which is what the show is about. The colour palette consisted of bright greens, reds, ambers and pinks.
Avenue Q, The Musical
1. Preset (Act 1)
2. The Internet Is For Porn
3. Kate Monster Song
4. Dream Sequence
Moving Light Productions was appointed Lighting Designer and Technical Direction and the brief from the client and direction team was to make this Avenue Q a new fresh invigorating production with a modern movinglight large scale feel. The lighting on the production consisted of Mac 700 Spots, Turbley 2000 Wash Moving heads on stage, 150 watt Led Cans FOH and Onstage, 12 x Lustr 2 Led Profiles which created the hard side light from booms DS Front.
Saturday Night Fever, The Musical
1. Sat Night Fever
2. Dance Break
3. On The Street
4. Finale
Moving Light Productions was asked to design the lighting for this West End Revival production that has not been seen outside London. The lighting design of the show needed to have a new look about it and set designer in consultation with lighting designer Jason Bovaird decided to go with 56 mirror balls at the back of the stage that would all turn and reflect the feeling of the show. It was decided by the MLP team to have 12 mini moving head spots on upright truss at the back which allowed the designer to create various effects on the mirror balls and colour. The lighting rig comprised of 37 generic fixtures, 20 LED multipars, 24 moving light fixtures and 48 Led happy tubes. This was run over 3 universes of DMX with LED Tubes taking up 387 channels alone. Each LED Tubes ran in 8 pixel mode which allowed us to split the tubes into 192 different coloured LED sections a side.
Shaolin Warriors
1. Opening (Act 1)
2. Buddha Bow (Act 1)
3. Finale (Act 1)
4. The Approval (Act 2)
Moving Light Productions was appointed the Production Managers and Lighting Design Company to put together the technical aspects and lighting design for the International Company “Shaolin Warriors”. The show was a new production and opened at St James Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand. The brief from the producers was to be able able to light the show with using the in house lighting rig with the use of Led Cans as colour.

Production Manager and Lighting Designer Jason Bovaird had not seen the production before and was starting from scratch. The MLP Team set about building the show from CAD Drawings and creating Lighting Pallets from the use of Vector works back in Melbourne and then importing them into the computer once the team arrived in New Zealand for the beginning of the production week. All this went to plan and the Chinese production team were overwhelmed with the accuracy of the lighting and set placements without having had much of a discussion with Jason and his team.

The production toured to Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Newcastle, Canberra with rave reviews throughout Australia.
In The Heights, The Musical
1.Opening Number (Act 1)
2. Dream Song (Act 1)
3. Act One (Act 2)
4. Home
Moving Light Productions was approached to design the lighting for this Australasian Premiere production that has not been seen outside New York. The design of the show needed to have a new look about it and it was decided to go for an industrial feel with the set design being a scaffold “look” lighting designer Jason Bovaird decided to uplight the scaffold with the use of LED cans and mini LED’s along with moving lights on the floor lighting through the set. The lighting consisted of 10 x Robe spots, 30 x Led Cans, 12 x Moving Head Wash lights, 20 x Source Four 750 watt profiles, 12 x 1.2kw Fresnels, all controlled by a ETC GIO using 3 streams of DMX.
State School Spectacular
1. AFL Team Choice (Act 1)
2. Summer Fun in the Sun (Act 1)
3. Working Class Man (Act 2)
4. You're the Voice ( (Act 2)
After 5 years of no State Schools Spectacular the state government decided to inject some funds into a large scale arena spectacular that involved the youth of today. In 2007 Movinglight Productions joined forces with the Adam Lowe Group to work on the proposal to provide the lighting and technical production for this event. The brief from the state government was to deliver a unique production that told the story of Australia and all its glory. The lighting was designed to be bold in colour, vibrant, slick and epic looking. This was achieved through the design of a large 8 span cross truss hanging in the centre of the arena which is used still today along with 400 parcans around the stadium roof, 2 smaller stages either ends with circular truss hanging from each.
1. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
2. Dream Song
3. Act One
4. Home
Moving Light Productions was approached to design the lighting and provide Technical Direction for Mentone Grammar’s Junior School production. This was a large show for the school and they wanted to have all the bells and whistles they could afford for the show.

The design of the show needed to have a new look about it and it was decided to go for an industrial feel and wide open space of the African Desert with the set design being a large centre “rock” piece that was integral to the show and would move to various locations.

Lighting Designer Jason Bovaird decided to use several “floor moving lights” so as he could uplight in the air and create a feeling of a large caverness rock that would be engulfing the performers. Other lights included, 12 330watt bumble bee spots on truss at the back, 20 LED 8watt cans both on Back truss and on uprights up and down the palying space along with small 3 watt LED’s lighting inside the truss to create the “hot” feeling of the desert and “cool blues” to give the effect of the evening.
Hairspray, The Musical
1. Without Love
2. I Can Hear The Bells (Act 1)
3. Jail Scene (Act 2)
4. Finale (Act 2)
Emmaus College’s production of Hairspray this year wanted to push the boundaries with the introduction of a large video screen wall that was built into the set. This screen acted as another piece of scenery for the show and was run through laptop computer and was programmed in conjunction with the ETC ION.

The vision for the show was mapped to suit each particular scene. Lighting designer Jason Bovaird programmed the lighting in conjunction with the video design programmer. Along with the video walls there was also movinglights incorporating 16 Bumble Bee 330watt spots, 12 x Turbley 2000 moving head washes, 30 LED pars onstage bars. The client described the use of the video wall “ this is state of the art technology that has made our set designs now so versatile with the use of vision and moving lights.
Dance 2016, Mentone Grammar
1. Preset
2. Contemporary Dance
3. Hip Hop Funk
4. VCE Solo Piece
Moving Light Productions was approached to design the lighting and provide Technical Direction for Mentone Grammar’s Dance 2016 Concert. This show was done in the school hall that had no infrastructure at all, so MLP set out in designing a truss system that was able to have backlight and front light with upright trusses fro sidelight along the stage floor.

The lighting rig consisted of 8 x floor moving heads, 8 x 330watt moving spots, 30 x 8watt LED Cans for Backlight and sidelight along with 24 x 3watt small LED Truss warmers.

The lighting design needed to be able to create looks that shaped the bodies of the dancers as well as tell a story throughout the solo and group pieces.